Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving on in my life--

by Vicki Wiseman

OK here goes--
My life changed on Sept. 12, 2008.
My daughter was pregnant with her 5th child. Happily married to the man of her dreams. Scott had just been accepted as a Professor for youth ministries at Central Bible College.

My son John was getting ready to head to New Orleans to help in the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina.

David and I had just returned from Morrisville, Mo after a grandparents day. What a beautiful day it was!

Cori recently bought 3 days before a new motorcycle for Scott. He had always wanted one. We had no idea not that it would have made a difference. We got the call at 6:33 on Sept. 12, 2008- Scott was coming home from church 5 minutes down the road and was struck head on- killed instantly.

We immediatly came down. After much soul searching. John moved in with Cori. David started working from Morrisville, and I commuted back and forth from a 30 year job as a stylist in Lee Summit which I loved.

Fast forward to December-we put our house on the market.

John had gone to the doctor for a knot on his neck- no big deal right? Wrong! Cancer- Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 3, . Three major surgeries-10 chemos- 14 radiations. What a year right?

We sold our house in April of 2009. Moved down to the country and tried to find a job. Unfortunatly when you reach 55 and arn't young and cute you age out of the beauty industry. At home I was Vicki the cool lady- all ages loved me from ages 1-99. Down here I was old Vicki with a widowed daughter and a son who had cancer. Talk about not belonging.

So now fast forward to smiling hearts. We all have had heartache-changes-epiphanies(love it). I too am struggling to fit in and the people of Morrisville have been very kind. I guess this forum was made to change my life. I have been happier than I have been in a long time! Thanks to you all! Each one of us has a story. I thought the time to tell mine was now.

FYI- my grandkids are thriving! Connor-11, Caiden-9. Grace-6,Coltin-3 and Christian-1. I have made the choice to be happy in spite of my circumstances.
Did I count on raising 5 kids again? No but they are a lot of fun and alot of WOrk.

Thanks for letting me express myself and I won't take up more space.
Love to you all! This blog has been a JOY to me!


  1. Sending you much love. Take as much space as you like. There is room for everyone here.

  2. Thanks Reya! I knew Hannah and loved your house in Terrace Lake but didn't get to know you! It has been a pleasure!

  3. Vicki, you tell your story with such grace and love. Truly remarkable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    You're right, we all have heartache,and we all have a story. In fact, we all have MANY stories. Sharing them seems to help all of us. I look forward to hearing more of yours.

    It's so funny that you said you made the choice to be happy in spite of your circumstances. I just said those very words to a friend today...happiness really is something we can choose for ourselves each day, isn't it?

    I hope your son is better now. Your family remains in my thoughts and prayers.

    p.s. You're in with the IN crowd now, need to worry about not belonging any more! :-)

  4. Davi had to go back to KC for a meeting. You all are making me cry! I am so grateful for you all! THANK YOU! I have had the best day ever!

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  6. Vicki, thanks for sharing your story. I'm in awe with your reaction to these painful events. I'm so glad that things are turning around for you and your family. May you continue to be surrounded in love...
    Cynthia (Puerto Rico)

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  9. Vicki, after reading your post - like Linda I relived every unexpected loss (family, friend, coworker). (Linda, I am so sorry for your loss too!)
    There is no 'getting used' to it - just the fact of the loss however, do you realize how many losses were happening to you all at once....grief of the loss of a family member - as a family - as a mother - as your daughter's leaning post - as your daughter's FAMILY leaning post....loss of a job, a house, a lifestyle, neighbors..I CANNOT imagine!
    My 'outlaw' (I guess that is what you call it when you aren't legally married)-Pete's sister's husband was running with a co-worker during lunch hour and said 'hey, I think my heart stopped!' - he was 47, and yes, he instantly died. No warning - no 'if only we had...' can change what happens - even though we think through it again and again.
    I am SO glad you were able to have the strength to change your life, be there for your family, and allow a new growth - which is in the process, and not what it USED to be - but what it HAD to be for you and your family.
    Like everyone else - I am thankful for your post, learning from your strength and loving choices....and TOTALLY thrilled that you are loving your grandkids as your own! But to live through what you did is awesome and so hard....thank you for sharing this, and so sorry this happened.

  10. Yes Nancy it was my life as I had known it was over. It has been a very difficult 18 months but I keep going day to day and try and look at the bright side of life. This blog has been a healing blog for me. Glad to have you!

  11. Way to go Slick Vick! You're the first (naturally) to have your own blog. I love it. Through everything that your family has been challenged with, you've continued to be Fun-Grandma, Fun-Mom, Fun-Wife and Fun-Friend! We never knew when we met in kindergarten continued our friendship through graduation and beyond that we would one day face these grown-up feelings, heartache and responsibilities. You're amazing!

  12. Oh my gosh! Welcome=hope you enjoy this as much as I do!YOU are amazing too!!!!!

  13. WHERE did I get that nickname? I think it was Mark!

  14. Vicki, your story is an inspiration. Thank you, from the very heart of me, for sharing it with us.

  15. Thank you Tessa! It means so much to me!


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