Tuesday, June 8, 2010


from Reya Mellicker

I believe in miracles, I do. I do NOT believe that miracles are events that happened a long time ago. I think they occur every day. In order to experience a miracle, you have to be open to the concept. You have to pay attention.

This blog is, to me, miraculous. The interconnections, the willingness to think well of each other, in spite of our differences is, in my opinion, the peace process in action. I am in awe of this and our convos on Facebook.

Not much else to say. This post is my excuse to put up photos of the heart-shaped cloud I saw yesterday, between client sessions, from the window at my office. It only lasted for a minute or two, but it was beautiful. You can not plan for visions like this, timed perfectly so I could not only admire it, but capture it digitally as well.

Miraculous, isn't it? Aren't we? I say yes. Love to all,


  1. Beautiful post and so true! Reya you have been a blessing to me! And I love the cloud. The other day I took a picture of a rainbow which ended in my back yard! Miracles do exist! Love you from afar!

  2. WOW. So true, Reya...the confluence of all the seemingly random occurances needed for this shot to happen are too numerous to really be random at all.

    The building you were in. The window where it was. The timing of your clients' appointments. Your thought to look out the window. Your level of awareness at what you were seeing. The camera at hand...and so on.

    This blog really does make my heart smile.
    Reya, you do, too! Thank you. xx

  3. I love this blog too. Being able to come together once again so many years later to share, discuss, learn and teach...that's how miracles occur.
    Love to all

  4. That cloud capture IS a miracle. They do happen all the time don't they? We just have to be aware.

  5. Ronda I love it that you're part of this crowd. How cool.

  6. Miracles happen all of the time for me. All I need to do is ask and they are given. I have finally learned to look where I may not expect to find them, though...like on Facebook, where I "found" most of you again.

    Reya's picture shows us all that we don't even need to ask for some miracles, they are just waiting for us to notice them.

    Love and blessings to all

  7. I love Jo's description of the miracle in the clouds - "the confluence of seemingly random occurances". It might well describe our little miracle of the "smiling heart".

    p.s. Reya - today I'm sending you a cloud shaped like a duck. I'm only good at hearts and ducks... don't ask me why.

  8. you won't believe this but today i saw a cloud shaped like the sentence, "Where in the world is Matt Lauer." So strange and I thought it was a miracle but it turns out that it is really just a weather balloon. There was a duck on it though, which made it a little more rare.

  9. Dub - lol.

    Ironically or coincidentally or not, I really love ducks. They are one of my power animals. Seriously!


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