Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Winter Cherry Blossom by Jo Floyd Lucas

Mother Earth is kind and forgiving. Reya of the blog The Gold Puppy mentioned how the gentle snowfall made her feel. "Chill out, smile, relax," it said to her; http://thegoldpuppy.blogspot.com/2011/01/enough-is-enough.html

Last night, we were covered with a deep, fresh cover of clean white snow. It's as thick and soft and downy as a featherbed, and every bit as comforting.

The morning is cloaked in a shroud of muted shades, really still more dark than light. After recent days, this is exactly what I needed to awaken to this morning.

The snow continues to fall. With no breakfast to make, no children to wake, no tasks to take on, Mother Earth and her sweet snow speak to me;

"Rest now...


I listen and do her bidding.

Vivaldi's Four Seasons is a beautiful orchestral masterpiece. This movement, appropriately called "Winter" is today's music selection. It reflects perfectly the weather of the last few days, furious wind, icy shards, and gentle snowfall. The incredible violin soloist Mari Silje Samuelsen will be your guide through the winter landscape. Stick with the entire piece...you'll be rewarded with a fierce finale. Enjoy.

Wishing you the comfort of a downy featherbed today.


  1. The weather always explains everything. I am so happy Mama Gaia and her emotional body (the weather) are encouraging you to put your feet up and just be. That's such a rare treat for you!

    Beautiful picture, and I love Vivaldi - thanks!

  2. Thank you, Reya...it feels like a treat indeed.

    Ten a.m. and still in my jammies. This could get more addictive than chocolate!

  3. Once again~ great calming post! I also love Vivaldi<3

  4. i felt like going back to bed today too........must be that midwinter hibernation instinct kicking in!

    enjoyed visiting your lovely blog and will be back -- thanks so much for your kind comments over at mine!

  5. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your kind words.Diving under the soft warm blankets on a cold morning seems a sensible thing to do once in a while, yes?

    Many of my friends and I have been delving into the subject of the Divine Feminine recently. I can't wait to read more of your exploration of "Goddesses in the Dirt."


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