Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angels Among Us

I'm feeling much better about the world today. Well, I really could have used one more snow day with my grandchildren, but we can't have everything, right?  While everyone else seems to be complaining about the inefficient snow removal in their municipalities, I find myself extremely disappointed at the ridiculously effective snow removal here in Weldon Spring. Really? Six inches of snow, and all we get is one lousy snow day? Something's got to be done about this.

But back to the subject at hand. The encouraging sighting of angels all around us during this dark time. As Martin Luther King, Jr. reminded us, darkness can only be overcome by light, and the light shining from these angels is brilliant, indeed.

I'm referring today to earthly the community activist in Tuscon who has gathered a small army of angels to protect a grieving family from an army of hate-mongers intent on disrupting the burial of their precious little girl. These angel/people, nearly 300 as of last night, will dress in white and line the streets and entrances to the cemetery. About thirty of them will be equipped with 'wings,' poles of draped white fabric meant to shield the immediate family from the "protesters" from Westboro Baptist "Church." These angel/people will not wave banners, hurl insults, or make threats. They will not get in anyone's face to thrust their opinions upon them. They won't get loud, angry, or malicious.

They will not inflict hate upon the hate-mongers, for hate only begets hate.

They will simply, peacefully, beautifully, stand in loving solidarity with the family, forcing the darkness out with the light. 

The message is this; "Do what you will. Darkness will always be overcome by Light. Hate will always be overcome by Love."

I hope this message reaches extremists everywhere who are intent on spreading fear and hate.I'm counting on lots of angels to deliver it.

These thoughts sent me on a quest to find how angels are portrayed by great's some of what I found. (Angels in art can be found in all cultures throughout history.  These three examples just appealed to me today.)

St. Francis and the Angel – Orazio Gentileschi, 1613

Early 1600's we see the portrayal of angels as guardians of the saints and martyrs of early Christianity. Note the use of contrasting light and dark (chiaroscuro) on the angel.

I love the angels in the painting below by French painter Bouguereau. Who wouldn't love to be serenaded by a trio this heavenly?

Song of the Angels - William-Adoph Bouguereau, 1881

Finally, we have the noble archangel Michael. Michael is often depicted armed with a sword, though I don't think he needs it. I guess it's more of a "walk softly but carry a big stick" metaphor. Michael is also depicted with a face of great peace and beauty, confident in the knowledge that love will always conquer evil. Note one more common theme...Satan under his foot.
St. Michael the Archangel, Scipione Tadolini, 1865
Wishing you a day filled with hope for the future.


  1. I think Arizona passed a law so the Topeka people will not be allowed to protest. Man, those folks have demons, serious demons.

    I agree about snow days. What gives?

    LOVE angel paintings, love them so much. I've always appreciated this one. I know this experience all too well.


  2. Oh do do your share of wrestling, don't you? Thanks for the great addition.

    I'd heard of the legislators passing the protest ban, but I also heard that the "angels" are continuing to organize, in case the WBC decides to ignore the ban.

    Mostly, it's just great to know that so many people are willing to help a grieving family lay their baby to rest in the spirit of love.

  3. Thank God for Angels! You are one also! There are many positive stories about the bravery people showed in the wake of the Arizona tragedy. So love your posts....Love..

  4. It's good to feel your "smiling heart"; a little warmth on a cold January day.

  5. Hi Vicki! I've been impressed, too, by the numerous stories of the wonderful people of Tuscon. Love will find a way!

  6. Rick, it's people like you that make my heart smile. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.


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