Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Sojourns

Come with me as I revisit some of the interesting and beauty-filled places I've been on my travels. Of course this means the actual trips I've taken, but it might also include trips of the virtual kind, from books, to movies, to great escapes through performances I've seen.

I love Saturday... a day of rest and ease and fun (usually) for me. I hope to share a bit of that feeling with you each week.

It snowed in Weldon Spring yesterday, and by evening the soft pudgy flakes had turned to icy pellets. Brother Wind was in a surly mood, and took seeming delight in throwing the tiny shards into the faces of anyone braving the outdoors. By nightfall, he was screaming for attention like a spoiled child. All night long he shouted and moaned and whined, causing me to toss and turn and wonder things like the strength of a window pane and the effects of 'ice-blasting' on the house siding. He must have finally exhausted himself, because this morning is as calm and quiet as a whisper, with a light crystalline coating only on the grass.

Luckily, considering my sleepless-ergo-possibly-cranky state, I have no serious obligations for the day...just a seriously fun lunch date with a couple of wickedly witty friends from the ballet world. After that, who knows? Maybe a rare nap to catch up on last night's lost sleep.

This morning, naturally, I'm daydreaming of beaches and the summer sun. My thoughts go back to Pine Point Beach just north of Portland, Maine, where I spent a completely relaxing day in July, 2010, with my daughter, Andrea.

Hmmm...I guess that means I'll be posting photos of snow when next July comes 'round.

As I look at these shots, I remember so clearly the smell of the pines, the chill of the water, and the warmth of the sun. It's a naturally beautiful beach, unspoiled by "progress". Enjoy .

The walk through the pine forests to the beach at Pine Point, Maine.
The beach and the ocean are nearly invisible at this point.

Andrea took this shot of a little boy at the edge of the field, looking out
toward the ocean. We still could only hear it from the trail.

Suddenly the trail broke out of the shaded forest of pines,
and the ocean lay right in front of us.

The old pier looked a little precarious to me, but none of the locals seemed wary.


Golden sun, warm sand, chilly water, gentle breeze...
I can still feel the sand between my toes.

I wish you warmth in beautiful surroundings on your Saturday sojourns.


  1. It's so hard to even imagine hot weather at this time of year. Snow here in DC, too, though that mean ole wind hasn't arrived. I do think the wind in the winter is a lot meaner than spring or summer winds ... but I might be wrong about that.

    You have a day without serious commitments??? I SALUTE YOU! yay.

    Shabbat shalom, dear friend. xx

  2. Thank you, Reya. Like you, I enjoy the four seasons,but the wind can be vexing in the winter!

    Yes, a day without serious commitments...YAY.

  3. Once again exquisite blog and pictures...I love coming here<3 Lot's of love!

  4. Thanks, Vicki...Table Rock WILL make an appearance one fine Saturday when the time is right! :-)


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