Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spirit of Iroquois

by Dub Riley
The date is August 25, 2010. The season has been oppresive and extreme with summer temperatures running ten degrees above normal. At the moment, there is a break and Autumn air has come early to make us light and happy. It won't last but we dance and sway and celebrate the breeze.

The time is upheaval. Pakistan is tragically crippled with floods which are beyond disastrous. The country experienced this "devil of nature" at Ramadhan. Those with television report that they're glued to their sets as they mourn for their brethren and regions which are decimated and devastated and desperate.

Criminal gangs are running roughshod in Afganistan, Mexico and all over the world to include even Chinese gangs in Florence, Italy, associated with the Mafia. In Russia, people of moderate wealth are being forced to flee because factions of government and police are collaborating with criminals to seize property and estates. The brink of catastrophe has long passed in Africa, where no term for the level of turmoil seems to be available.

In the US, something akin to a chilling complacency has replaced protest and open forums which could help resolve the crippling constraint of growth and economic recovery. Desperation is upon the masses who have come to disregard the relevance of government, while the images of negative campaign ads predominate.

Rare confluence of planetary allignment and radical effluence of solar energy rage in the skies overhead. Religious organizations are reporting rampant expansion of SPIRIT and compassion, as have less traditional circles related to internal energetics and spirituality.

One small gathering of gypsies, called Smiling Heart, meet regularly in the privacy of an internet spa, called Heave Ho. This Smiling Heart clan is doing amazing work. Each member seems to be dealing with complex issues of life. All acknowledge a surge of relief and openness, while continuing to deepen their connection to each other and the rest of the world. Intense feelings can also be a tremendous burden, so all and each face a struggle both within and without. We take refuge in our conversations. Merely with fingers poised on keyboards, we seem to benefit by this distant and remote touch.

I wonder if our circle of influence and willingness to serve is kindling for a brighter fire...perhaps. Though we may just be circling for the feast we'll enjoy at our own reunion. Either way, we extend our arms in welcome to any ailing spirits, whether suffering from a bruised heart or lost hope. We seem to thrive and experience a doubling of rejuvenation with every group hug. This energy continues to pulse and emanate from a higher source than our humble commune. We revere the great power with awe, though a laughter often overtakes us and seems to be the driving force of our cadence.

Rejoice, a new day is near.


  1. Very moving and beautiful post Dubby....You write brilliantly and from the heart...Thank you and much love!

  2. thank you for a lovely post. Much needed today.

  3. Thank you Vicki and Delana! You're too generous with your compliments but this much I know, we are here to support each other! Delana we appreciate you following us. If you ever want to submit an essay, we can easily add you as an author!

  4. I believe you are correct, oh brother of mine. The Gypsies are all about the healing... our own, each other's, and who knows... maybe something greater.

    A new day indeed.

  5. Would love to sit down sometime and talk about the age of protest, what I think that was about, and about now - a new age, a different process is needed. It's not always easy to live on the brink of a new age, but it sure isn't boring.

    One thing I'm grateful for is that I get to walk, shoulder to shoulder (as it were), with great, kind, GENTLE thinkers such as yourself.

    Thanks for this.

  6. This post shines with love and hope. Even with all the dismal news coming at us from every corner of the world, we know that the simple act of reaching out to another to say "I care" can be enough to begin the Great Turning.

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful reminder, Dubby.

  7. Dear Rick, Reya and Jo. I'm so happy to think of us as a collective of hearts and minds. Just being able to express what we feel, together, in words and symbols, has been amazing. How do I know about a new day? Because of you.


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