Sunday, August 29, 2010

And the whole world will do so with you

by Dub Riley

There is no shortage of blog blab. Having always been a blabber I'll slide right back in to this open spot for a new post. Please forgive me for holding you hostage again to my rambling.

A great friend and remarkable SPIRIT, our sister Reya, who lives in DC and occasionally blogs here but does so daily on her own delightful rant (, commiserated recently in a private thread in Facebook about the rallies this week in Washington by the Tea Baggers. She was careful not to be critical and even generous enough to suggest that adding more fuel to the fire of division is something she just wants to avoid.

Many of us feel sick about the wide divide which seems to separate people who line up on this side or that side. I'm as guilty as the next person to feel that our side is right and continue to scratch my head how the other side can possibly not see how harmful are the policies of...see, there I go again.

And so it goes. Negativity on negativity. Judgement after judgement. Thus we're in stalemate. Gridlock. A war of people who may as well be in civil war. We actually are engaged in a kind of civil conflict of red and blue.

I listened today to another Facebook friend's audio of a session she is leading today in Minneapolis. How many of you are familiar with the concept of Michael as a collective angel consciousness who is dwelling in a state of guiding light for the masses of mortals who seek a higher happiness?

Whether this sounds like hooey or rings true for your own interpretation of the whacky world of cosmology, it really doesn't matter for the point I want to make. You know I listened to the "channeling" voice of my friend and was thrown into a trance like peace. Whether her voice was that of this collective Michael or hers or the reincarnation of James Cagney, as long as the experience was good and somehow I emerged a little more at peace, then what's not to like?

I then went to my personal library and grabbed a book which I've returned to a few times, Messages from Michael. The book is interesting but the point that finally had me want to let it go was about souls and reincarnation. 700 years ago you were this British soldier, or a slave in Ethiopia. You have this over leaf which is related to that pre life experience, etc.

For the longest time, I've known that reincarnation isn't exactly like from one whole intact life and personality to the next. Energy just doesn't move like that. I've seen the logical impossiblility of it. I can say, beyond a doubt, that it doesn't work that way. I don't have the whole thing figured out and wouldn't want to even go there, but to put the whole reincarnation thing in a simple package, neatly tied up with the theory of this bouncing ball of being going from alpaca to slave to Napolean or Andrew Carnegie or whatever is bunk.

This thought of Michael as a collective of consciousness which speaks to us through channels is fine to me. But even that is subject to the filter to which it is seen through.  In other words, we all are plugged in to the underlying intelligence of the universe. We can't help but be. We are spiritual beings, just as all things of the planet are. We are endowed with SPIRIT. We move and breathe by SPIRIT. We function physically by mechanism and conditioning but under all that, at a much much deeper source is SPIRIT which connects us and everything on the planet and in the universe.

The big bang is ok. It is a theory after all. I like it better than the seven day theory of all creation being poofed upon us, which seems to have a missing history of dinosaurs and such. But whether or not there was this big bang of light and coalescence of gathering energy which took billions of years or whether it has been some planned and ordained order from chaos, who really cares? I mean it is all interesting to think about, but shit, we've got crap to do.

From the political side, I would argue that because we spend over half of all the treasury on war stuff and the whole war machine is using by far most of the goop (oil) which we're currently tied to in some wild unimaginably awful way,is not the way to go. No more of our boys coming home in a box and no more of our boys putting some mother's son in a less expensive box, so that power and money and corporate manipulation of the masses can fuel this empty dream of continued growth... but then again, that is just my opinion.

From the heart side I am sick that kids are hurting and that animals are mistreated in our corporate food machine and even closer to home I'm discovering old, long lost acquaintances who could really use an old fashion hug.

All of this can't be fixed by some happy slogan that I write as I close this essay. But friends, please join me in cherishing the light that shines in each of us. Nurture this light and let it emanate. SPIRIT only moves in one direction. Nothing collapses. That is a hard concept but the point is light radiates and heals.

We may not agree about politics or cosmology, about whose art is better or which writer is more relevant, about how the divine operates and which technique works best for balancing the chakras but we should easily agree that stopping to reflect about our own inner goodness is a simple affirmation to accept. We can remarkably serve others, and in so doing return peace and happiness back to ourselves by simply unfolding the lightness of a smile. Try it now, please. In whatever state you're in, even as sad as you can imagine you've ever been. Force a smile on your lips if you have to. Now take it in and let it vibrate in you. It will be a soothing energy I promise, whether you were Joan of Arc or Madame Pompador in a past life, or whether you think Glenn Beck is an improvement over our brave president.

If you want, meet me in that space and our new power by joining will be a force for change and prosperity. Our combined light and lightness of heart will do the world some good. Isn't that a pleasant thought?


  1. WOW and WOW and YES!! No more words Dubby... You are incredible...So much in my heart right now, you have no idea...

  2. Dubby, you can hold us hostage anytime you like with "ramblings" like this.

    You have always written with clarity and purpose, but I love that the teacher in you is now manifesting itself in full force, reminding us that the most profound impact we can have on one another (and subsequently, ourselves) often comes from the most simple actions.

    Thank you. I'm with you, brother.

  3. Vicki and Jo. I can't possibly think of either of you without a smile on my face and reverential love in my heart. Thank you for your smiles and love and for the light you shine on the world.

  4. I'm right beside you brother.

  5. I absolutely believe in 'Spirit' and the idea that we're all little bundles of energy that will never cease to exist. I love to contemplate what happens after death and do believe in reincarnation, though not in the form we are familiar with in this lifetime. I believe that all the answers to our questions will be revealed when our life energy passes on to the next level.
    We're all human beings first and foremost and though we have differences, I think we should concentrate and affirm the things that bind us together through humility and love. Group hug y'all

  6. Linda, I'm in complete agreement with you. Although I can't entirely dismiss the idea of reincarnation, I, too, believe that we will know all when our life energy passes on to the next level. Since I was a child, I've been exasperated to 'not know' something, and frustrated by my limited scope of knowledge on a given topic. My nearly subconscious response has always been a tiny little voice inside me that says, "Be'll know in time."

    Bound together through humility and love...yes!

  7. Dear Rick, Linda and Jo:

    Darlings, down and down we go; round and round we go. In a spin, loving the spin we're in, under that old black magic called love.


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