Friday, May 7, 2010


from Reya Mellicker

It was, you know. Pink. Or ... peach? salmon? The color was fleshy in a late 1950's kind of way. I'm talking about Ruskin High School, the new Ruskin that was built after the F-5 Ruskin tornado flattened the old one.

Sometimes I wonder why they chose that color for the new school. Did someone on staff at the District cut a deal at the paint store? Was there a committee who frowned over paint samples, finally deciding on pink? Or was it some architect/designer, dressed like the characters in Mad Men who made the final decision?

This particular mystery is likely to never be solved. Such is life.

Other mysteries I wonder about are more pertinent and way juicier. For instance, I have been in a state of wonder, on and off for more than a year, since I found Dub on Facebook. More recently, that state of wonder (thanks Glenn,** for the beautiful phrase) has evolved into nothing less than awe as our organic reunion continues here and elsewhere over the internets.

Y'all are, every one of you: smart, kind-hearted, lively, gentle, creative, and you are, all of you, such fabulously progressive thinkers. Our gatherings and exchanges are creating an energetic matrix through which a pure current of healing and love flows backwards in time. Our renewed connections are making possible the recovery of very fun, very delicious, memories. I've experienced some pretty heinous moments in my life, believe me, but without a doubt the most miserable years were the Ruskin years due to the complete and utter breakdown of my family. Before last year, the only part of that time I remembered was the misery. But that has changed, thanks to you.

All you pink/peach/salmon/fleshy and beautiful beings are helping me pay it backwards. You are making possible a revisionist history of the saddest time of my life. Who knew it was possible? There is simply no way to ever adequately express my gratitude.

**""The purpose of art is not the momentary ejection of adrenaline, but rather the lifelong construction of a state of wonder." --Glenn Gould


  1. Kiss, kiss, kiss, Reya. One healing kiss for the hurt you suffered as a child. One kiss of gratitude for feeling the 'current of healing love.' One kiss to welcome you home.

    I've enjoyed your photography for a long time, and hope you will continue to share your beautiful images with us...I love seeing D.C. through your eyes!

    Thank you for a beautiful post that added to the 'state of wonder' for me.

    Btw, the quote by Glenn Gould????? That must have been meant just for me! He just happens to be my favorite pianist of all time (well, okay, he's tied with Ashkenazy, but still). The man was a genius in all regards (and had the quirks and the angst to prove it), and taught me that the greatest artists don't practice music, they study it. Amazing!

  2. "a state of wonder", that pretty well nails it where I'm concerned. To quote another great poet - "There's somethin' happenin' here" - Stephen Stills.

  3. Jo have you seen the film about Gould's life? Amazing film.

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  5. well, by seeing these smiling faces (up and to the left of this charming little box), I see that my mug is missing. i've said quite enough already, but what it is aint exactly clear. so, i need to run because there's a man with a gun over there. not to mix media, but personally i have never found happiness in a warm gun. so...gotta go

  6. But please bring your face back. OK?

  7. That was such a popular pink color back in the day. Don't know why, though. Reya, did your friends know you were that sad?


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