Thursday, May 6, 2010


by Dubby Riley

Dear Reader:

There are essays buried here which have revived some of you from a funk. I've felt it and have heard about it and it is wonderful. I too have been filled by the magic of those verses. I hang around hoping some of skill from their authors will sprinkle me, their loyal apprentice.

We're frantic with anticipation to introduce an old friend. And there is a story which must be shared...

I think we are in a new era, which I call Social Media Artist Revolution. We're all artists because we create art with each breath we take, with each picture or memory we see in our mind, with each swagger or step we take, with each smile we share, with each glance sideways we give a stranger who passes, with each hug we receive or even dream about.

I'm here to introduce you to Ms. Reya Mellicker. It was about a year ago, or just a little more, that I got a message. "Dubby, is that you? I can't tell because the picture is so small."

It was Reya. We met in creative writing class at Baptiste Junior High School in 1966 or '67 Laughed? Oh yes, we laughed mightily and often. And it was all that laughter which had me think of her all those years. So you see, it is because of the Cosmology of Reya that this humble blog was ever created.

Here's a little something from her blog, The Gold Puppy:

One happy reunion that was the result of leaving behind the Wiccan path is that I got God back. No, not the sociopathic guy with the white beard who judges us and smites whomever He wants. Not the guy who makes promises or tells people they are "chosen." I never believed in that god. I'm talking about the great divine realm, beyond the beyond. God, according to the cosmology of Reya (and many many great thinkers throughout history) is formless, unnameable, unknowable by the mind, impossible to describe or explain, except for brief moments in the heart.

From there she tells us more of the Goddess of whom I also worship, at whose alter my candles are lit. The Goddess for whom we all can devote our last breath of hope. For it is in the Divine Feminine that we shall be saved. That is if we have time still for salvation. And in that same post, she shares this unforgettable and clever image...

The words in the side mirror are "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear"

So welcome Reya. It is now official, we represent five places...


  1. Wow...and I was just going to say, Welcome, Reya!" :-)

  2. Isn't that what he said? Hey Dub, I love your "nonsense." Makes sense to me ... and my goodness. I am flattered.

    Don't worry. I'll get over it!


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