Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Sojourn - Reckless Spring

"Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it

were voices instead of colors, there would be an

unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the

night." - Rainer Maria Rilke

What a difference a day makes. It was as if Spring had overslept and was suddenly awakened by the alarm clock. "Hurry!" she exclaimed to the trees, shrubs, flowers, and birds. "We're late...get busy!"

I went outside to find that things were blooming quite recklessly, not with the usual springtime order of events. The leaves on the deciduous trees suddenly decided to unfurl in all their sweet chartreuse splendor...

Though there is still no sign of the unusually stubborn daffodils and tulips, colors on the shrubs and trees collided against each other...

Wild Dogwood (yellow blossoms)

The beauty of the songbirds... purple martins, bluebirds, finches, and cardinals, combined with the less melodic crows, grackles, and jays, to produce a cacophony of sound that never ceased.

And the mysterious "Brigid's Gate" down the path from our house, which looked so barren this past winter...

Now looks like this...

...and I suppose before too much longer, it will be completely hidden from sight.

I missed the usual commune I've come to expect in the last few days with Brother Heron. Instead, he ceded the pond at Weldon Spring's nature path to a fisherman in human form, one who was much larger, noisier, and less graceful than he.

When I finished my meditation, though (seated at a pondside bench) I opened my eyes to see him (the heron...not the very large man) fly overhead to the sanctuary of the back woods.  So at least we said hello today.

Apparently, spring this year will be a raucous event filled with the chaos that invariably accompanies oversleeping. Each spring is different, I suppose, and this one promises to be memorable.

Today I hope you witness spring...somewhere.

The music I selected today is a little longer than most I choose (I never want to take up too much of your precious time), but I promise you this one is worth the seven and a half minutes out of your day.

This is Beethoven's "Sonata Op 57, 3rd Movement", or "Appassionata." This video is of Valentina Lesitsa in rehearsal before a Vienna concert in 2009. Like Spring today, it's filled with excitement, passion, and a bit of chaos. I think you'll be amazed by how fast Lesitsa's fingers fly at the end. Enjoy!


  1. what beautiful images of spring, jo. and that gate on your property looks just like the secret garden.

    have a lovely weekend --


  2. I love seeing the gate in winter and in spring. Beautiful!

  3. jo the gate in winter and spring - i flipped back and forth a handful of times. first for the difference, second for the beauty, third for the softness of both. fourth for the gate itself. the rest was about gluttony pure and simple!!! steven

  4. Love the before/after gate pics!

    It figures that spring is chaotic - dancing in shamanic alignment with the energy of this year. Take off your shoes but buckle your seatbelt. We're in for one wild ride this year!

  5. What they said ...

    Love you ......


    And brother wind is whipping up some MOJO right now..

  6. Oh, Amanda, how kind of you to comment on my photos!..especially after I've just gone over to see your eye-popping ones from your trip!

    I agree with you about the secret garden, though. I think I'll read the novel aloud to my granddaughter. Thanks for the thought!

  7. Thank you, jojo...I'll continue to post through the summer to see how it evolves!

    Thanks for coming by...hope you're having a great day today.

  8. Steven, I'm glad you see the beauty and mystery of it, too. It's so interesting how the changing seasons affect structures and not just landscape, isn't it?

    Hope you'll be seeing more green soon.


  9. Thank you, Reya. Oh yes, that makes perfect sense now, doesn't it? Chaos reigns this year!

    Guess we should get used to it...tsk.

  10. I love you, too, Vicki. That pesky wind has just started to pick up here, too. I'm out on the deck as we "speak" and apparently, we'll have to pay the piper for this warm weather today with thunderstorms tonight.

    More chaos!

  11. The gate is beautiful - I am a lover of gates (there are nine at Pondside). I'm glad to see that spring has arrived where you live and that it has arrived with such exuberance. It was 17 degrees celsius when I arrived in Toronto and even warmer in Kingston, so I'm looking forward to some lovely spring walks with the little boys.

  12. Oh, Pondside, how lovely that must be...especially with all the moss (yes, I DO love it). Just like Paradise.

    Have a wonderful visit with the little boys. Remember to check their pockets after every walk to find their treasures! :-)


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