Friday, March 4, 2011

Mom's Day

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm."- Willa Cather

I'm heading across the state to Kansas City today to tend to my mother and some unexpected health issues. I'm hoping to be back by this evening, but that depends on how the day goes.

I know you understand.

I leave you with a verse from my new favorite poet,
Edna St. Vincent Millay.

God's World

O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!

Thy winds, thy wide grey skies!

Thy mists that roll and rise!

Thy woods this autumn day, that ache and sag

And all but cry with colour! That gaunt crag

To crush! To lift the lean of that black bluff!
World, World, I cannot get thee close enough!
Long have I known a glory in it all,
But never knew I this;

Here such a passion is
As stretcheth me apart, -- Lord, I do fear
Thou'st made the world too beautiful this year;
My soul is all but out of me, -- let fall
No burning leaf; prithee, let no bird call.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

 ♥ Kindness is the key to everything.♥

This is Antonin Dvorak's "Songs My Mother Taught Me"
played by Igor Malinovsky. Please enjoy.


  1. God Bless Jo! None of us ever want to face the day when our parents become fragile. We can only be there for them as they were always there for us. You will never regret the time spent loving them, appreciating them, and being there for them. And as they become more fragile ... they need us more than ever! Love to you! Donna

  2. Drive safely. Thinking of you with love.

  3. Jo, yes, drive safely. Thank you for your quote "Kindness is the key to everything." Amen.

  4. Have a safe trip there and back. It's wonderful that you are within driving distance of your mum and get to her when she needs you.

  5. Be safe and much love and peace to you today and always xoxoxoxoxox

  6. Godspeed jo and i wish your mom well. steven

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful, grace-filled words.

    I'm exhausted, but sending warm hugs to each of you for ending my day with a smile.

    ♥ xoxo ♥


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