Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Good Traveler

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving." - Lao Tzu

In the Train Compartment, Paul-Gustave Fischer
Oil on panel, c. 1900 
Wow. Remember when traveling was like that? A lady dressed in stockings and heels, a lovely frock and a sweet chapeau. A gentlemen dressed in suit and tie, and always...always wore a hat. The huge bouquet of flowers was optional, of course, but quite a nice touch if the gentleman was so inclined.

No? You don't remember? Well, neither do I, but I definitely remember when traveling was more fun and exciting than it is today.

I leave this morning for the eastern seaboard to visit the Graceful One, and I love going places. I just don't love the process so much any more.

Lao Tzu would consider me a bad traveler these days, because I am nothing if not intent on Yesterday, if possible.

I know what may happen. Security, delays, snow, sleeping air traffic controllers (yikes!)...but I'm intent on arriving, so I'll be patient. I hope.

Today, I wish for you a day of smooth sailing.

Music today is from Edvard Grieg and his "Morning Mood" from Peer Gynt. I love it because it's full of the majestic patience of the dawning sun. Just what I need today. Enjoy.


  1. I do remember when ladies dressed up to go to the Country Club Plaza. Remember? Dresses, stockings - even gloves??

    Smooth travels today. Love to you and to the Graceful One.

  2. YES! Okay, I fibbed a little. I dressed up when I first started flying eons ago. I guess it wasn't all that long ago, but I can't begin to imagine that today.

    I'm sitting here at the airport waiting to board now...TSA was in a good mood today. So far, so good!

    Thanks, Reya. xoxo

  3. Safe and stress free travels today Jo.

    Traveling used to be such an adventure. Today, not so much.

    Like you, for me it's all about 'being' there and not the 'getting' there...ugh


  4. Thanks, Linda, I got here, now my next intended desitination...DC!! :-)

  5. grieg is the purest romantic ethereal landscape painting bucolic gorgeous music and take sme back to my early teen years when i first heard his music . . . . oh my!!!! i love travel. getting there is so very much a part of the process. i sort of dress for it, but not "up" more "appropriately" and i love leaving and arriving and departing and returning for their very different flavours. i wish you a safe journey and happy soon to be memories. steven

  6. My favorite part of reading your blog is to scroll down and listen along with the pure enjoyment of what is to come. Love the painting and the music was perfect......

    Safe travels and love you....

  7. Steven, I should do some research on Grieg. What kind of man can write Hall of the Mountain King and Morning Mood in one piece? And his violin sonatas and piano concertos are insanely romantic. Glad to know he gets to you, too.

    My travels today were without too much trouble...mostly I was intent to reach my daughter to provide some much needed consolation to her. Usually I'm not so anxious about the journey.

    Thank you for the kind wishes...I can't wait to catch up with your work, including your own travelogue!

  8. Thank you, Vicki! I'm so glad you enjoy my kinky taste in music. I love you, too. ♥

  9. I remember when travel was special - airplanes were rather elegant, train travel was gracious. Now it's all an ordeal - always about the destination and never about the journey, which is invariably unpleasant.

  10. Jo, I'm glad you arrived safely with all your hugs in tow. The Graceful One will be comforted by your presence. Enjoy!!!!!!!


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