Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Sojourn - Boston, Massachusetts

Come with me as I revisit some of the interesting and beauty-filled places I've been on my travels. Of course this means the actual trips I've taken, but it might also include trips of the virtual kind, from books, to movies, to great escapes through performances I've seen.

I love Saturday... a day of rest and ease and fun (usually) for me. I hope to share a bit of that feeling with you each week.

"It might be a good idea if the various countries of the world would occasionally swap history books, just to see what other people are doing with the same set of facts." - Bill Vaughan

If you enjoy history, food, music, art, and architecture, go to Boston, Massachusetts. End of story. It's as simple as that. Whether you have a day or a month, every minute will be well spent.

My daughter was moving to Maine in 2009, and so the Titan of Industry (husband) and The Scholar (#2 son) were conscripted into service to drive the little moving van filled with her belongings, while Andrea and I drove her little Dodge Caliber, filled to the brim, across the nine states to get there.

Convincing the Titan to go was easy enough (after all, we have only one daughter, and she has him sufficiently wrapped around her little finger). The trick was to convince The Scholar to leave the cozy confines of home to spend a few days in a small truck cab alone with the Titan .

Being the clever mother that I am, I knew the secret siren song that would call to The Scholar's heart...history. I promised a day long stop in Boston, and we were on. The Scholar could not refuse.

One day was hardly enough to begin to taste the flavor of this bright city, but we did our best. It was a marathon day of walking, eating, ferrying, and exploring, and yet we barely scratched the surface.

Few cities can compare with the depth and breadth of its historical significance, but combined with the great cafés, bars, and pubs...well, none can compare.

These photos were taken along the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile long walk along cobblestone streets in the heart of the city that lead up to the monument on Bunker Hill.  It's my kind of walking in which you choose your own pace, and your own pubs at which to stop along the way. The best part for me was the lovely brass directional plaques (photo above) imbedded in the streets, preventing even the most directionally challenged (me) to arrive where they intend.

What a memorable experience. If you have the chance to walk the Freedom Trail, I can guarantee you a fabulous experience.  The Scholar was in his glory, loving every moment of this very special day...well, up until the moment when he had to get back into the truck cabin with the Titan.

Historic buildings are nestled in among the modern.

Beautiful Boston skyline

Charming ethnic neighborhoods fill the city

Architecture of every style and period  are beautifully
 preserved and coexist in harmony

Boston Harbor

Granary Burying Ground and others like it are 
The resting place for near nameless children...

Heroes of American history...
John Hancock tombstone

...and intrepid pioneers
Tomb of Mary Chilton Winslow
First European female to set foot on Plymouth soil in 1620

The Old North Church from Paul Revere's Ride

The light filled interior of Old North Church

The organ loft in Old North Church

U.S.S. Constitution

Below is a link to a great performance of the Boston Pops Orchestra. Before you scoff at the obvious triteness, let me ask you; when was the last time you saw concert violinist Gil Shahon, the Boston Pops, and Arlo Guthrie together? Guthrie shares his humor, his ability as a pianist, and his own composition in this entertaining performance.

Try as I might to figure out how to embed this one, it couldn't be done. At least not by me. So please click on the link and give it a look. Enjoy...


  1. Thank you for the enjoyable getaway this morning! The music is so uplifting and the pictures were a treat! Once again I love coming here...

  2. Thank you, Vicki. I thought we could use a smile today.

    Thanks for coming over this way today. You're a gem. xoxo

  3. juicy photographs jo! i haven't been to boston for ummmm 37 years. it was part of a trip to cape cod by car. for me anywhere between upper new york state and georgia is all good. then there's the rest that i haven't seen yet so i can't comment on!!! steven

  4. Thank you, Steven, but honestly, Boston is one of those rare places where it's impossible to take a bad photo. The hard part was narrowing them down for the post!

    I couldn't agree more about the beauty between upstate New York and Georgia...but I'm going to have to include the northern reaches of Maine on down, as well.

    And then there's the incredible beauty of Canada, which you document so well.

    Many thanks for stopping by, friend. Have a peaceful Saturday.

  5. I love Boston! Not the weather, but that city has got a buzz, a cerebral ruach. Very cool!!

  6. I suppose it does, Reya. I was so busy noticing how happy everyone around me was, I didn't think of why that's so.

    We commented that even the police were smiling all the time. We didn't run into one even remotely testy person...I can't wait to go back!

    Hope your Saturday work load is over for the day, Reya. Enjoy the evening. xoxo

  7. I loved that day we walked the Freedom Trail! So much fun. Thanks for bringing back those memories!

  8. Hi Andrea! You're welcome, sweetheart, but if it weren't for you, I'd never have gone to most of my now-favorite places, and following you as you pursue ballet has convinced your father to go places I never dreamed he'd go. :-)

    So, thank you...let's do it again soon. ♥


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