Tuesday, February 1, 2011

not a soft white damn

the snow doesn't give a soft white damn
whom it touches. ~e.e. cummings

Ice Palace - Weldon Spring, February 1, 2011

I suppose that's true of ice, as well. It certainly doesn't seem to give a crystal clear damn about what it's touching here in Weldon Spring this morning.

I've been up since pre-dawn, listening to the ominous tink-tink-tinkly sound of the ice pellets hitting every surface ...the roof, the gutters, the tree limbs and power lines.  If I didn't know better, I'd think it to be a lovely sound, almost melodic. But I know better.

The sun is struggling to show signs of daylight now, and the entire atmosphere is filled with a deep blue glow. The ice, harsh and sharp and biting, has left a strange blurry softness around all the edges of the scenery. It's as if the view from every window is a photograph slightly out of focus.

This storm is a defiant one, coming in on its own terms, and not as the oh-so-earnest weather forecasters have predicted.  It's building slowly, and yet I feel its power. I think it means to end with a great crescendo of white. We'll see.

Today, the entire family will stay home. The Titan of Business (hubby) will, I suspect, have the phone to his ear all day. The Other Titan of Business (son #1) will, too. The Scholar (son #2) will be available as Our Personal Reference Book, and the Beauty (son #1's wife), will catch up on laundry and such.  

I plan on getting out a stack of jigsaw puzzles and keeping  Little Man and Little Sister busy with them today. I think we'll have a few days to put them together.

Jigsaw Puzzle "Monet's Water Lilies"

My friend Linda, of "Welcome To" blog in southern Ontario, posted a yummy looking recipe for apple pie complete with a topping involving maple syrup and yogurt...I think I'll get the little helpers in the kitchen for that one, too. Doesn't it look divine?


I'd also like to get some photos of the happenings outside my door, but I fear I would need spiked boots for that, something I forgot to pick up when I went to the market for the requisite bread, milk, and eggs.  We'll see about that, too.

In the meantime, the falling ice has picked up again, and the tink-tink-tinkly sound is getting louder. I'm waiting for the inevitable sound of branches buckling under its weight. Poor trees.

The sparrows and wrens and finches are beginning to gather at the feeder out back and I see it needs more thistle seed and suet. Poor birds.  Maybe I can dig out my old ice skates and get out there to feed them.

I wish you the warmth and comfort of home today.


  1. There are days when it only makes sense to stay indoors. I know you've had your fill of these days already this winter.

    I love that image, of sharp ice making blurry edges on the landscape.

    The storm looks really intense from this angle.

    Keep the faith, Jo. Spring will come. It will.

  2. "Looks really intense" is a link, though it doesn't show up here.

  3. Monet and Enja~ what a beautiful post! I will be doing some reading today too as our satellite is going out<3 Much love!

  4. OH WOW, Reya. That link is amazing. You find the coolest stuff! thank you for the new (impressive!) perspective.

    The sleet is mixing with snow now, which is better for the trees and power lines, but worse for the roads. I'll keep you posted.

    Glad you're out of this one, Reya. xoxo

  5. Thank you, Vicki!

    It's officially a Blizzard Warning for us now. Our internet is acting up, so I guess we'll all be traveling back in time to a simpler era for the next few days.

    Sending you much love, too. xoxo

  6. Oh, the ice storms are the worst. Lying in bed, listening to the tree limbs crack. I've been there, and I feel for you! Only one more month till March!

  7. Thank you, Pam (and Edward). I appreciate you coming to visit me on the cold winter day!

    Only one loooooong month to go. Sheesh.

    The ice has stopped but the wind has picked up...let the branch breaking commence. :-/

  8. I have collected the remnants of food I need to hunker down tomorrow. There is food for the dog, the birds outside and me. I will run to the window and see if the snow is here yet.... it's 11pm and no snow yet, but the trees are beginning to sway. The wind is picking up and it's supposed to be here within the hour. The weather station is thinking the freezing rain will stay south of the lake and Toronto will only get snow, 24 hours of it.
    Thank you for the Enya piece, the pie mention and the water lilies. I hope you were able to enjoy some of this day with your family. (((hugs)))

  9. I suppose you're right in the center of the storm now, Linda. I hope it's lost some of its punch by now.

    It sounds as if you're prepared, though, and even thought of others, too. You are so kind.

    Stay safe and warm and know you're being thought of by your many, many friends.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.
    ((hugs)) back.


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