Wednesday, February 9, 2011


First a howling blizzard woke us,
Then the rain came down to soak us,
And now before the eye can focus -
  Lilja Rogers

The Yellow Crocus

It's coming, or so I've been told.

Although Weldon Spring is still covered in a blanket of white, friends around the Northern Hemisphere are reporting that the signs of Spring are beginning to appear.

Of course, we all know that the groundhog (poor thing) was pulled from his ceremonial 'burrow' in PA this year on a cloudy, snowy day to declare, "Prepare for warmth!" after not seeing his shadow.

Groundhog Day, 1980 - AP Photograph
I've never really been on board with this prognosticator.

Reya, however, always knows what she's talking about. Reya lives in D.C. (and writes the most excellent blog, The Gold Puppy), and reported a few days ago that the tips of the tree branches in her fair city have begun to swell.

They should burst open right on schedule for Cherry Blossom time.

My friend, Katy, in the UK, reported just yesterday that she spotted the spring lambs in the meadow out front of her property for the first time.

Katy's spring lambs

Katy's twin sister, Jude, is a dear friend of mine from the ballet world. In her words, Jude tells me that. "...visions of white ewes and boinging black lambs mean Winter is nearly gone."

Photo by Brian Deegan, UK

I often wish I spoke like Jude. In her crisp British accent, she also tells me that, "usually a few 'littluns that have to be kept indoors in the oven warming drawer, and are being bottle fed."

These two look hale and hearty.

And just when I despaired at the incredible amounts of snowfall we've had this winter, a spokesman last night for the Missouri Botanical Garden (if you have only one day in St. Louis, this is where you should spend it) assured us that the snowfall will strengthen the trees which were stressed last year by the draught.

Weldon Spring City Park - 2010

Horseback riding should be spectacular this spring.

The weather forecast for Weldon Spring today calls for temperatures in the teens and, you guessed it, more snow.

But the signs are all there. 

In fact, if I went outside and pushed away a few inches of snow, I just might find the crocus pushing up her yellow head.  But since it's a bitter nine degrees outside right now, the north wind is biting today, and the snow is covered with a solid coating of ice, I won't try it. But I know she's under there, ready to herald the spring with  her sunny disposition.

Spring is on the way, and I'm holding on to that thought today. In fact, I'm putting on the happiest music I can find and dancing in celebration!

No matter how long the winter,
spring is sure to follow. ~ Proverb


  1. LOVE the Blues Brothers!

    Yes, spring will come and chase winter back to the north pole - or the south pole actually.

    Crocus! Crocus! Crocus!! It is my new mantra.

  2. Ha...I love the way he says, "and if ya just hold on, Baby, if ya just HOLD ON."

    Kind of like dancing to Barry White at the Lake House, yes?

    C'mon, crocus...we know you're in there!

  3. What a great song from long ago! Your posts are always so uplifting and enjoyable. Jude is interesting to read as is Reya.

    Seriously I will not ever complain in the spring or summer any more.

    I do so wish I had the art of writing as both of you...

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoMuch love!

  4. Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for the very kind words and for including me in the same sentence with Reya. SHE'S the writer.

    I do so wish I had the art of style, hair-wise and otherwise, as you. But we can't have it all, right? ;-)

    Hang in there, it out.

  5. Yes, was talking with my mom this morning and promised her that Spring was coming. Two more art walks and everything will be coming up roses!

  6. Thank you for stopping by today, Dubby. I think your mother must feel very entrenched in winter right now. It's so great for you to remind her that Spring will come.

    Roses to welcome Spring's first Art Walk...perfect.

  7. well jo i've got scads of patience and trust and hope and wishes like you'd be surprised by! it's really cold and snowy and icy here and yet the light is there in more abundance and you know what jo, i'll surely take that for the gift that it is! sweet post and the baby lambs. oh their faces are so sweet. steven

  8. Steven, how nice to see you here again today.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all by your scads of patience, et. al. You are a teacher, after all!

    I think if I were to look you in the eye, of all the qualities you list, I would see the hope. Above all else, your work brims over with it, and we are so glad to catch the drippings of it from you.

    Thanks for visiting...I hereby promise not to complain about the 'cold' weather here any more...we were a balmy 19 degrees F here today!

  9. Okay. Seriously. That picture of the two little lambs is the cutest picture I have ever seen. Ever! Omigoodness. :-)

    We didn't have any winter here -- again -- this year. We had summer with leaves on the trees, and summer without leaves on the trees. And now the robins and squeaky gate birds are singing in the mornings.

    Last year we hosted the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and the magnolia trees were blooming. *sigh* It was embarrassing. Magnolia trees? In Canada? In February? Oh, yes... *heh*

  10. Oh, Jo, I think it's crazy...crazy winters will certainly lead to even crazier springs and summers, don't you think?

    Glad you enjoyed the post, but I'm sorry to have responded so late. Where are my manners?

    Belated thanks for the great comment! *heh*


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