Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Sojourn - Lake Tahoe

Come with me as I revisit some of the interesting and beauty-filled places I've been on my travels. Of course this means the actual trips I've taken, but it might also include trips of the virtual kind, from books, to movies, to great escapes through performances I've seen.

 I love Saturday... a day of rest and ease and fun (usually) for me. I hope to share a bit of that feeling with you each week.

We had two major snowfalls in Weldon Spring within the last week, and we're expecting yet another tomorrow night. For all but the Innocents, it has ceased to be fun.

Last night, my white-weary family found itself watching, of all things,  Meryl Streep's cinematic masterpiece, Mamma Mia!, filled with the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean. With its unbelievably trite story line, incredibly lame over acting, and astonishingly bad singing by Pierce Brosnan, the Mediterranean definitely stole the show. We laughed, we sang, we howled at Pierce. What a romp.

I'm remembering this morning that it's possible to have a good romp in the snow, too. We spent New Year's Eve of 2007 with extended family and friends in Lake Tahoe, NV, and had about the best time I've ever had surrounded by the pristine beauty of the snowy mountains. Skiing and snowboarding and tubing and exploring and eating and laughing and playing games filled the days and nights. The trip culminated in a New Year's Day run into the frigid waters of Lake Tahoe by the intrepid, though slightly crazy, son of friends, Andy. Now, THAT'S a romp!

Spring will come, and with her the vibrant colors that have the power to invigorate us. Hang on. It's coming.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a good romp today.


Cabins on the lake shore.


Rippling water on the [cold] lake

Lake Tahoe in Winter

Camille on top of the mountain

Spencer Snowboarding

Filming the New Year's Day Dip

Birches of Lake Tahoe


  1. Beautiful pictures! Trying to be optimistic about the snow but we are suppose to get another round tomorrow. Our area is mostly rural so the kids have been out of school way to long and will probably be going into June. Bring on warmer temperatures! Much love to you!

  2. Pierce Brosnan singing? Now THAT is a very scary thought! However, there's a place for stupid movies - they are a great relief for cabin fever.

    Is that Incline Village? Mt. Rose for the skiing? Fantastic pictures! Even in summer, the water of Lake Tahoe is SO cold. That is a romp, indeed.

  3. Thank you, Vicki. Another round tomorrow for all of us...YIKES! All we can do is remain positive and patient. Spring will come, and I hope it lasts as long as this winter has lasted!

  4. Hi Reya. Yes, Pierce Brosnan sining was frightening for sure. Comic relief for the wintertime blues, oh YEAH.

    I don't remember the name of the place where we rented the charming little cabins. I suppose there are many of them sprinkled around, but these were SO cute and cozy! The young man who took the New Year's Eve dip was a healthy young college kid...and he swam in his speedo swim suit! BRRRR!

    Thank you for your comments, Reya. I'd love to go back to that sweet, clean mountain air.

  5. What wonderful photos...!

    For the past two years, we have had almost no winter here in Vancouver. Last year we hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, and we had magnolias blooming. People were coming here expecting snowshoes and dog sleds ... and all they got were magnolias and daffodils. ;-)

    I must admit, looking at your photos, I miss the winter...!

  6. P.S. It's fun to meet another Jo.

  7. Hi, Jo! Is your name a shortened version of another name? Mine is really Joellen, though no one calls me that.

    Surely winter will return to Vancouver, of all places. I remember the Olympics well, and watching them work overtime to MAKE snow. How strange.

    Thank you so much for your kind words...we must start a "Jo Club". tehee.


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