Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Comment to "Stuff Happens"

by Dubby Riley

This morning I was inspired by Margaret Fuller's "The Great Lawsuit." For some reason, my elevated thoughts lead me to a website called Church of the Churchless and the writings of Brian Hines.

Here is a synopsis of my remarks posted under the current essay by Brian which he entitled, "Stuff Happens:"

A thought provoking  essay written by Margaret Fuller in 1843 is amazingly relevant in our modern era. I thought someone at the Church of the Churchless may consider it for a review.
Our times are perilous. Whether we're globally warmed, whether we're in or near the time of peak oil, whether we're doomed or not by Tea Partiers or runaway government, whether extinction of so many species matters, whether the fact that some ridiculous percentage such as one or two controls some crazy quantity of all wealth like 50% to 70% matters, whether the US is the saviour or the terrorist of world culture, whether we face a daunting depression or a continued recession which is not likely to go away soon. Whether or not all that stuff and more which is debatable, almost no one could argue that the times are NOT perilous.
One fact which seems very reasonable is that the female paradigm, as in Earth Goddess, Gaia, the nourishing instinct, may offer a different perspective for solutions to a troubled world. This world which has these problems primarily because of the male dominated leadership and culture, both religious and political, seems presently in the grip of the same male approach which got us in the mess in the first place.
Some people and groups seem to be undergoing a "speeding up" of consciousness which encourages the integration of the female perspective. Not as some "gay" approach or whatever negative term may be applied to it, but as a the second of two sacred channel as in yin and yang or the two snakes of the cadeuses (also the symbol for Kundalini).
Over 150 years ago, Margaret Fuller, using the enlightened voice of the DIAL and Emerson and others who woke to the third way of approaching mind (in her own words, one way is by thinking, a second is by action and a third is neither thought or action. The third way is using quietness and turning your attention to "within,")  was explaining that without the perspective of daughters of the world, we won't ever be fully guided by the divine.

Women's rights and position have changed dramatically since that time, but still a type of slavery exists, in my opinion, for women. If you read her essay, her main tenets are still relevant. I understand, precisely, the importance of integrating a reformed view of the woman's place in life, both in marriage and just as importantly, in cultural leadership. We may have to free ourselves from the dogma of a male centric God (Judaism, Islam and Chrisitanity have always been in one war or another), before the full power of the "Sacred Feminine," will be realized.
I'm very happy to find Church of the Churchless and Brian. I don't know how loyal I'll be as my attention is quickly diffused when other "stuff happens." But I hope I will return and read more.
btw, if by some miracle anyone ever wants to reply my email is and my name is Winston Dubby Riley on Facebook.


  1. Although I came to Margaret Fuller's essay by chance by reading my treasured Anthology of American Literature, I just found this link to the essay so others may deem its importance:

  2. "...without the perspective of daughters of the world, we won't ever be fully guided by the divine."

    This entire essay is infused with respect and honor for women and their place in the world. If more men were as evolved in their thinking as you, we would be living in far less perilous times.

    Thank you for your enlightened perspective. I'm going to find Margaret Fuller's work.

  3. Brothers and sisters. Gypsies we are.

  4. Thanks Jo. That particular essay (link provided) by Margaret Fuller is longer than it needs to be. But in her day, I think there was a percentage of people who made time for reading, that exceeds the percentage by population of people in today's world. But in today's world, I would recommend that she make her point in fewer words, so more people would take the time. But I know you'll read it. If you will let her words wash over you, like a warm bath, I promise you'll be given many gifts of reinforcement.

    How could any woman, in today's world, especially a mother, not have wondered about such normal concerns, and wondered too how it could be that women are forced to endure the trials of caretaker and still be forced to occupy the position which is "granted" by men?

    But now there is a growing number of men, not only willing, but anxious to learn how to change, Not because we are magnanimous but because we have been blinded from a reality which we too have been robbed of. Until we learn to integrate both sacred poles of light/dark, cold/hot, big/small, positive/negative, the entire Earth force will be askew.

    This won't be simple. I shudder to hasten to the root of the problem. It is a male centric religious base. It will need reformation. Torn from the guts of our beliefs.


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