Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moving on in My Life~~Part 2

from Vicki Wiseman
All of my life I have been blessed with good friends, family. Everything has come easy for me. I have never had to worry about money or things. Since I have moved to the country, I have lost myself in pity because of the tragedy of my beloved son-in-law's death almost 2 years ago. It is time to actually move on...

Since I haven't worked (except to help at school in the kitchen) I have lost my confidence because of my age. WOW! Who would have thought I, Vicki would lose MY confidence. I am taking it on right now! I am back.

Thursday I have an interview at a salon, something I haven't done in 30 years. My daughter and family think it is time, too. So I am embarking out into this real world of trying to really find a job. I have been to about 30 salons and they look at me like I am crazy at my age to try and start again. But friends, it is time. I am sick of not being able to spend when I want. I don't need very much, just a little freedom.

So every one of you wish me luck on my new endeavor. It is not going to be easy. It will be a lot of hard work but I miss people of all ages and I am meant to be around people. I love people. Sounds crazy but I love every one--quirky, weird, odd, different people of all ages. I feed on them and they me. So here goes, world.

I am BACK!

Thanks to all~~~~~~<3



  1. VICKI!!!!! WOW am I PROUD of you!!!! Perfect picture and song, by the way....I know this feeling - but from a different angle. When I realized that ATC wouldn't last forever - that I was required to retire after turning 56, and that I really hated working around the politcal - power hungry crazies, I was dealt an unfair hand...different than yours, but still unfair. Ever have someone make false accusations? Ever have them call you a friend to your face then do this behind your back? It was time to move on - weighing the projected future of this to the projected future of doing something else....and that is part of what I mean when I say 'I recognize THAT feeling!'. I put together a medley of old music that I liked, cranked it up in the car - went to my first typing test sinc 1970 something, got back in that car and went to my first failed interview! Got back in the car with the music cranked, and STILL felt good about doing something MY way, something DIFFERENT, something that I had control over. The jitters, the nervousness...its still with me on interviews - but I will take it ANYDAY over that feeling of internalizing screams OR going through the motions OR letting something else take the little bit of corner I have on this earth from me. GO GET 'EM!

  2. "Try a little tenderness" Otis Redding/

  3. Wow! WOW! What great news! Congratulations on taking a piece of your life back, Vicki!

    You and your family have been wounded, but you haven't become victims, and I applaud you for that. I'm so glad you have their support in your new eneavor.

    Tina Turner--now there's a woman with conficence, strength, maturity, and KNOW HOW. Sounds like someone else I know!

    Sounds like Nancy knows a thing or two about reclaimed power, too. I think many women our age are rediscovering that power within, and I say the entire world will be better for it.

    Vicki, you are setting a fine example for your daughter and granchildren, demonstrating that though we all will face tragedies in our lives, we don't have to succumb to them. In fact, we can sometimes triumph over them!

    Best of luck on Thursday, and I hope you'll feel all of your friends with you as you walk through that door to the salon!

    much love, xoxo

  4. Linda~Jo is responsible for the pics and video!

  5. Vicki, I can only add my congratulations to Nancy's and Jo's. You are awesome in your fearlessness and I have NO doubt you will prevail. Just because we are a little older doesn't mean we are any less spectacular than we were 30 years ago...in fact, I for one, wouldn't trade what I am today for who I was then.
    Nancy, what can I say except, you rock! Love you women!

  6. The time is right to turn this thing around. I know you will rock the interview. I'm behind you 100% sending the best, cleanest, finest energy in the world. You go girl!!

  7. ok - that's wierd. I posted my comment last night, and it's not here... so I'm here to claim my "first poster" status.:-)
    Actually, I didn't say anything different than our blog sisters, I just said it with testosterone... "Go Kick Some Ass!!!" We are with you all the way!

  8. Yay Vicki. As soon as you get your spot, please let us know because I want to get my first "paid" haircut in years.

    I also want to send all the business I can find your way because I know it will be the best hair cut money can buy.

    We're all proud of you sister!

    Love, Dub

  9. What a great post, Vicki, I'm so glad for your courage and resolve to find a way towards more of the connections that you seek. I'm prone to praying for people, hope that's ok, anyhow I'll be praying for confidence and peace for you as you interview on Thursday. I've been in job search mode more-or-less since 2005, and the confidence that you're evidencing is so valuable to have in this process. Go get 'em girl!

  10. Vicki:

    As you are ready to walk in the door for your interview, imagine yourself already working there and exactly how it feels to be back where you belong.
    You will get the job you need.
    You are mighty.
    You are confident.
    You WILL succeed!

  11. Now what about those dreams?


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