Monday, July 26, 2010

I dreamed I finally posted something

By Rick Hempy

I haven't posted for a very long time. I'm trying to "out-slack" Linda. She has an excuse... looking for property on the gulf so that she can establish a home for old hippies.

I've been thinking about returning to the "dream theme". You all know that I fancy myself a songwriter, and since some of my dear friends here, have allowed me to share that title with the real writer, Danny, I felt obligated to annoy you with something I wrote about a dream I had some time ago. It's a true story... sort of. I know the spirit of Smiling Heart is serious, but I hope there is also room for some occassional levity. Please forgive my lame attempt.


I dreamed last night I was drinkin'
in bar called Heaven's Gate.
An angel waitin' tables
told me it's gettin' late.

Saint Peter was the bouncer,
and God was schleppin' beer.
I heard him holler "last call!"
"drink up... get outta here!"

Saint Peter called a taxi,
and Jesus picked me up.
He dropped me off at Hell's Motel,
where the devil was the clerk.

He said "son we're glad to have ya,
Hope you enjoy your stay...
cuz you just my be here for a while,
if you don't change your ways".

So I'm sittin' in the Nickel,
tryin' to be a better man.
It must be workin'
cuz I think I'm feelin
better than I am.

(the dream continues... chapter two)

I was sittin' in group therapy,
whinin' about my life,
when in walked my new girl friend
with my soon to be ex-wife.

They recounted my lies in great detail,
and I had to confess.
When I was through, the group got up
and promptly kicked my ass.

So I'm sittin' in the Nickel,
tryin' to mend my wounds.
One more shot & I'm sure
that I'll be feelin' better soon.

I know I should be goin'
but there's time for just one more.
I'll be ten feet tall and bullet proof,
by the time I hit that door.

able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...

(at that point, the dream became all about flying, but that's another story)


  1. Rick~my darling, do you think this is a sign??? Have you looked at your life? Dubby told me you had a stroke, I am so sorry... We all have our moments but maybe it's time to look at your life and how to live a life a little slower or stop and smell the roses?? Believe me, I am not judging at all but, you have people that truly LOVE YOU! Your spirit and gift. IS it worth throwing away? Maybe~just each day cut back on one thing, then the next one more.. I am just speaking from my experience. So Much love coming your way~ You know I love you unconditionally so no pressure from me...just a thought.

  2. First of all, I LOVE the name of this post!

    I'm going to take Rick at his word that this is his "lame attempt" at levity.

    Lame, indeed! The imagery in this song ranks up there with the best country music of all time, dark, wry, and witty!

    Heaven's Gate and Hell's Motel..and God "schleppin' beer?" John Prine would be proud!

    btw, Vicki is right about many, MANY people loving you, Ricky. :-)

  3. Thanks both of you. I love you both dearly. Don't worry too much Vicki... It was only a dream... sort of.
    I do love a good elipse

  4. i'm not sure who is busted here, but i think it is me. oops


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