Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rushed but not careless

by Dubby Riley

My time is short so imagine we're on the phone. That is the tone I'll use...

Clarissa May (Dunbar) Riley is alive and living in John Knox Village. She's 81. Her life is carried on a caravan. Calls from we four kids seem to brighten her the most. She was swept off her feet by a young fighter pilot before she knew her own strength and magic. She was only 15 when she discovered she loved Weldon Boyce. Like me, he was the youngest of four children. His mother had a very strong personality. Grandma Riley...I remember her well.

If I had insisted on other parents when I was searching for the ones to call my own--you and I couldn't laugh and thunder wouldn't roar. So what do we have to say about the mystery? Except we notice a difference between a one and a two, which form of mathematics defines the bounce in our step or the shade of red in a Spring tulip?

My mom isn't perfect but she would sleep in a puddle if it would keep me dry by doing so. She's as pretty as a sunset and the sound of her laugh taught birds to sing.

Grab a toy. Meet me in the playground. Thanks Mom. I love ya.


  1. Beautifully put, Dubby. Your description of your mom is just lovely.

  2. ..."a difference between a one and a two"....LOVE it! If you look at this picture - top row, 3rd from the left, tell me which side of the family Dubby looks like - Weldon Riley

  3. Thanks ladies. I actually came to erase the post to write something better but your comments convinced me to leave it. Nancy, I'm amazed you found that photo. Thanks for caring. Peace.

  4. She must be a force of nature, bringing, as she did you and your siblings into the world. Wow!

    Glad you didn't take down the post. It's just right.

  5. Dubby, I didn't think you saw the post buried under your purple masterpiece, but here it is again with More pictures. Part of the FUN is watching posts evolve, and picking up the thoughts in another thread down the road....weaving something that worked here into something else that works there....something like that! Glad you didn't erase too!

  6. Oh my! I haven't looked at the second link yet, but looking at the photo of your father, Dubby, is like looking at you. What an amazing resemblance, right down to the rakish smile! Goodness, how handsome!

    Thank you, Nancy!

  7. Love your mom. She always made me feel welcomed, with the kindest smile of anyone I know.

  8. thanks everyone. Nancy, i don't think my mom has seen some of those pictures! about a year ago or so, i discovered that site but now there are more images. thanks so much! Rick, I'll tell mom you said that--she'll be delighted to know. Jo and's like warming your hands near a fire to see your words of encouragement. Thanks much!


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