Thursday, May 20, 2010


Aww isn't he sweet? This is Miles's senior high school picture.

It's true that I loved Steve Bryson, my junior/senior year high school boyfriend, very much. I cannot resist early Capricorns (those born between Winter Solstice and January 6 or 7th). Steve was a doll. He brought my mother roses on her birthday, he made all of us laugh, he could cook and was clever and sweet - and he was so sexy, he was.

Also true is that I loved David Ingersoll, my boyfriend during tenth grade. He was very handsome, noble, decent - and - he played bass in a funk band, the Soulphonics. I mean really, what's not to love about that? C'mon.

But the only time I was ever moonstruck was somewhat later on. Miles was my little brother's best friend. For a long time, maybe more than a year, my brother kept saying, "You have to meet Miles. You have to." I brushed him off, of course. My brother was seven years younger than I. For heaven's sake.

The day I met Miles, it was not on purpose. My sister was driving my brother to Miles's house. I happened to be in the car. I'll never forget it. When we turned the corner onto his street, Something Happened. My attention was riveted on the funny looking, long haired young kid waiting on the sidewalk. When we pulled up to the house, Miles and I stared into each other's eyes, he from the sidewalk, me from the back seat of the car. We could not stop gazing at each other. It was truly astonishing.

Something happened.

The next day I went over to his house and from that moment onwards for another three years we were lovers, partners, and true loves. He was 16 when I met him and I was 23 - that's a huge difference in age at that moment in life. But it didn't matter. Nothing mattered. We were moonstruck. Come to think of it, he, too, is a bass player. So maybe I just have a thing for bass players. You think?

Needless to say it all fell apart. When I think about it, it's kind of amazing that it lasted as long as it did.

I googled him a few years ago, just to see. He was a lawyer for awhile; lived in NYC and oddly lived in San Francisco at the same time I lived there, though we never saw each other. Then he went to med school. Now he practices medicine in Santa Rosa, California. He is married and has some kids.

The conclusions of love stories are never quite as interesting as their beginnings, are they? I could write about the end of our relationship, but ... oh well. The important thing to say here is that I still hold Miles in the most tender way in my heart. I will always love him. It was true love, just like the movies, just like the poems and songs. It really was the most romantic love of my life.

Who was your first true love? Are you willing to tell the story?? Please?

This is a pic of Dr. Miles Mitchell I found on the internet. Still my beloved, separated only by time/space. Oh yeah.


  1. From Miles's bio page, Kaiser Santa Rosa:

    I play the bass, my dad plays the bass, my wife plays the bass, and my brother plays the bass. Other instruments are OK, I guess.

  2. That is such a sweet story. He's a doll! The relationship did last a long time. It must have been true least for 3 years.

    My first love was Billy Easley. We were in 5th grade. I lisped and he couldn't say his "r's." We both had the same middle name--Ray--but mine is spelled Rae. Kismet! We played spin the bottle behind the school in the field...and skateboarded in the halls in matching surfer shirts. We held hands at the movies and hugged during the gory "Bucket of Blood." His mom was cool and put on boy/girl parties on Saturday nights in their garage and let us dim the lights. Still love slow dancing to Love Potion #9...which was hella cook at that time. His mother gave him a clear, rhinestone studded cross to give me. When he gave it to me and asked me to go steady, he tried to tell me that I could look in side and see the Lord's Prayer (through a little peep hole). Because he couldn't say his r's, prayer came out sounding like "pear." I looked and looked for that damn pear. Never did find it:-)

  3. How fabulous! My grandmother's name was Rae. It is also my sister's middle name. See? We are related!

    Love Potion Number 9!! What a song. I can hear it right now.

  4. beautiful

    where is Steve?

    love you so

    the driver

  5. I've tried googling Steve many times. Who knows where he is or what he's doing?

  6. Wow! We are related. Rae is a traditional family name in my family too. My maternal grandmother and great grandmother have the same middle name. Beyond that, I'm not sure.

  7. I love every single thing that links us, Ronda!

  8. Reya - this feels like a 'fly-by, or low pass' when there is SO MUCH here! I loved reading it and the 'ending' isn't really that so much when you have known so many good things with this special, rare and wonderful relationship. This makes me smile and feel happy for you!

  9. True Love doesn't have a Happy Ending...True Love NEVER ends

  10. I am definitely checking out the bass section next time I attend the symphony.

  11. I have very bittersweet feelings about my first love. Not sure I could find the words to describe as you do so beautifully Reya.

  12. Jo - haha!! I realized yesterday that my internist/M.D. - a nice woman who is also a client of mine - is also a bassist. Clearly the low register is congruent with my energy field.

    Hey Wade! Great to see you here - your name is exactly right! Yayyy!!!


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