Monday, May 17, 2010

In his words

I promised I would review the David Korten interview video, and attempt to post parts of it. I was unsuccessful posting my own video directly to "Smiling Heart", but I'll give it another shot with David. I believe the man has "connections", and perhaps things will work more smoothly where he is concerned.

In this first segment, as the interview begins David speaks about what brought him to the realization that corporations were inherantly destructive entities, and what he decided to try to do about it. I will post more if you are interested.


  1. This is great! He comes across as so genuine and really kind. You will NOT clog the blog with more of this. C'mon!!

  2. Thanks for this information, Rick. It's so impressive that you and Dubby actually got to sit down to talk with this fascinating author, philosopher,and activist!

    It is interesting to me to hear that the word 'globalization' has such a different meaning than most of us would innately believe.

    The message I hear from him is one of a gradual realization of the enormous problems that can occur when there is a DISCONNECT between corporate ownership and community. Again, the issue of our interconnectedness is key.

  3. Thanks Rick. Ready to have one of our 3 day editing sessions out at Thunder Ridge? Maybe writing the music for the raggae version of Misbehaving Eagles while we're at it? I say we get a few of the newly reformed Ruskin Pep Squad members (Yo, CornHeidi and Reya) to join us and hunker down for some serious fun...

  4. The Ridge is Ready... when good eagles misbehave. Don't mention this to Nicky. He's evil.


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