Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here goes

by Rick Hempy

Reya has been pleading for other contributors to write about first loves, without much success, I might add. Seems we're all a little gun shy when it comes to the subject. I know I am, but I'm giving it a shot because a friend asked me to.

I'm stuggling now with just what the definition of "first love" is... the overwhelming desire, fueled by a dangerously high hormone level, variety? ...or a deeper, more innocent, and "truer" kind of love?

I've opted to go for the first one, as that is the type I am most familiar with, and because that first love did something that will always guarantee her a place in my heart. For purposes of this blog, she shall remain nameless. You know, that old “kiss and tell” thing... and then I'm afraid she might be lurking out there somewhere on face-space, and I can't afford a defamation suit.

I met her in high school, and I had it pretty bad. We dated a few times, and did romantic stuff, like smoking pot together. I was head over heels. I was pretty sure she was the love of my life, and was ready to commit to settling down, buying a house, and raising our 2.33 kids - except for the fact that I had no money... don’t forget, I was just a kid.

Suffice it to say, she probably didn’t feel that same level of commitment. I sensed that she did not share that same passionate desire when she would say things like “leave me alone”. I left for the service shortly after that. I can take a hint. So what was that thing she did?, (besides letting me spend the night with her, which was pretty cool too).

She made me cry.

I haven’t done a lot of that lately. I kinda miss it. I heard John Prine say once, “That stuff’ll make a songwriter out of you in a hurry”. I think he’s right.

Thank you beautiful lady... for making me cry, and for teaching me something about love, (and for letting me spend the night - which was pretty cool too).

I will leave you all with a thought from another songwriter. He’s nearly as good as I am, so he must have been wounded a time or two himself.

“You’ve got to sing
like you don’t need the money

You’ve got to love
like you’ll never get hurt

You’ve got to dance, dance, dance
like nobody’s watchin’

It’s got to come from the heart
if you want it to work”.

love to you all, (from the heart),


  1. That's a touching story Rick. Everything seemed so much more intense back then didn't it? You continue to be a gentleman in all regards. I think you're a hell of a songwriter/poet as well...hugs

  2. Rick. Without getting too squishy (we have our masculine-oldfriendsyesbutnodoublecheekkisseslikethosecommie'soverthere virtues to protect), once again, you show us all how to make this stuff look easy. I've told you before and a few other folks too, you are a great, witty and funny funny writer. Bless you my friend. Enjoy those hugs from Lindi-Loo, I'm sending you a firm handshake (dirty q).

  3. Oh fantastic story! You know I hinted around about first loves, but just because I like hearing stories about your lives. In blogland, I do not beleve in memes, themes or forced assignments. Actually, I don't believe in that anywhere.

    I'm sorry your first girlfriend made you cry, even if you appreciate how deeply touched you were.

    Much much love and great gratitude to you for sharing this beautiful story.

  4. "It's got to come from the heart if you want it to work"...

    So true. Your story works, because it obviously came from the heart.

    Thank you for sharing it, Rick. Your mystery lady would love to hear that she earned that place in your heart.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words, the hugs and the handshakes, and for being the best imaginary friends a guy could ask for.


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