Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tie That Binds

by Rick Hempy

I feel somewhat remiss as a contributor. I assure
you all, I have been reading the heart-felt sentiments of my fellow contributors. What a diverse and talented group I am honored to call my friends.

I have a sense that there is something at play here that brings us together again, and in at least one case, again and again. Beyond the technology, which in it's self is no small miracle, there seems to be a relevance to this connection. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I know it feels right.

I call myself a musician, and a songwriter. I wrote something a few years ago for someone I call my muse - someone who inspires me. I had not thought about the song for quite some time, but it came to mind as I read what you, my friends have written. So this is for you - you inspire me:

I found a rose in a garden
left unattended
In all God's creation
it was a thing to behold
There in the quiet,
without witness,
how it had flourished,
how it had grown
And a single ray of sunlight
danced upon the petals,
watered by a teardrop
fallen straight from God's eye
I wondered at the solitude
of it's perfection,
and how that rose had come to grow
in the garden of my life.
Though the briars and the clinging vines
tried to choke the flower,
it refused all subjugation
and reached for the sky.
There in the quiet
I bore witness
to how that rose had touched my soul
and how it changed my life
I found a rose in a garden
left unattended.


  1. How profoundly beautiful, Rick.

    '...it refused all subjugation and reached for the sky.'

    In spite of all the negative influences in our daily lives, may we all strive to not feel subjugated, and may we all continue to reach for the sky.

    Thank you so much, Rick. I want to hear this song in person one day.

  2. Whoa! I LOVE that prose. I agree that there is something that has brought us together again after so many years. I'm thinking it must be to share with each other what we've learned throughout the years. Makes me think that life really is a circle going round and round to return again with new discoveries.

  3. Rick this is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing it here. I, too, am LOVING this re-connection after all this time. If you get further insights into the meaning of our reconnection, please please tell us more, OK?



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