Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inner Smile

A guided meditation by Dub Riley

You can forward to about 5 minutes to miss the introductory part. Tip: In the edit, I cut out the part about visualizing all five elements in the relaxing spot you imagine. The elements are water, sun (or fire), earth, wood (plants) and metal.



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  2. Dubby, thank you SO much for this! I love this meditation and the information you included! If anyone would like to skip the prelims, though,they could move the cursor to the 9:40 mark and begin there. What a wonderful way to start the day off...with a smile!

  3. My goodness...now you've made it even better. The images are beautiful, and helpful to those of us needing help as we learn this especially meaningful meditation. Don't bother skipping anything now, friends!

  4. I continue to reap the benefits from this lovely meditation. Thank you for teaching it, Dubby.


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